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Perhaps Daniel Arvidsson is foremost known as the incrediable guitarrist in Draconian..But the fact is he has more "strängar på lyran" (swedish form of speach) than that.. He figure as vokalist in his second band, Mammoth Storm aswell.. In this interview he reveal a glimpse of his point concerning some musical related issues...
When did you get the idea that this was the kind of Music you wanted to play?
I guess that was back in 2012 when we formed the band. It more or less came naturally that it was music with this sound we wanted to play. Although of course the sound has developed and changed a bit over the years.
Did the bandname Mammoth Storm came naturally when you started the band?
- No it was a name witch Christer came up with and we thought it sounded great with how our sound was so we all agreed on taking that name for the band.

You guys resides in a Swedish county where deathmetal and thrashmetal are more common than other genres.. 

 - Well, yes perhaps thats true. But it has never been anything we have given any thought and that doesn’t have anything to do what we do or anything like that. 

It’s not like there any rules that you have to play a certain kind of music based on where you happen to live.
Everyone does what feels right for themselves.

Where do you find most inspiration in order to create Music?

- In the bottom of the beer glass, hehe. No but I don’t know. It can be anything, from hearing a a good album from another band to just be riffing by yourself at home. Inspiration just comes to you when you least expect it and there’s no certain source it comes from. It just comes.

Mammoth Storm have been part of the line-up at some gigs/festivals since the start.. best/worst?

- The gig I felt was the best we ever performed was in 2016 or 17 in Gothenburg at Truckstop Alaska. It felt like we did a really good performance there and the crowd was nice and everything just fell in place in an awesome way.

The worst one was definitely at this small village  in The Netherlands when we were on tour with High Fighter and Earth Ship.
The place was the smallest venue I’ve ever seen and everything was just so poorly organized. They didn’t even have a guy doing the sound so the guy working at the bar had to try and fix the sound without even knowing how a mixing table worked. Haha, it was just a night in chaos.
Adding to that it also was a super christian village so naturally not a lot of people showed up ;)

Which song you find most difficult perform live?

- Oh I dont know. I don’t find any of them so very hard to perform. Some of the songs though, like "Rite of Ascension" can be very exhausting to for me to sing. But all and all there’s really no difficult songs.

In october you will play live in Stockholm at Northern Blasphemy, located at Copperfields in Stockholm, along with Havamal and Methane... What is the audience to expect?


- Expect nothing but a massive and epic wall of sound.

I noticed something about that you have been in the studio to record some new songs..? How far in the procedure have you come now?

- Yes we’ve recorded a new album and the recordings are all finished. At this moment were just waiting for the mastering to be done and then its all set for pressing

Final Words?

- Hope to see you all in Stockholm the 13th of October, And doom on!

Mammoth Storm crew:


Daniel Arvidsson - Bass, Vocals
Christer Ström - Guitars
Emil Ahlman - Drums, Organ






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