Finlands sak är vår...

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Finlands sak är vår...

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 Finlands sak är vår (English: The Finnish cause is ours) is the title of a Swedish book written by journalists Olof Lagercrantz and Karl-Gustaf Hillebrand.[1] It appeared in December 1939, at the outbreak of the Winter War. Its print run was 600,000 copies, and it spread throughout Sweden.

The book's title was adopted as a campaign motto by the Finland committee. The sentence was coined by Swedish foreign minister Christian Günther. The campaign sought volunteers to fight with Finland against the Soviet invasion, and resulted in 10,000 applicants, of which 8,000 eventually were sent to Finland. In addition the campaign provided economic aid, clothing assistance and medical personnel. Many Swedish cultural personalities and journalists participated in the campaign. The campaign was financed by large Swedish companies as well as the Swedish Trade Union Confederation.[2]

This entry have nothing to do with the above mentioned booktitle especially...

This entry is mostly about  some swedish metalbrothers conquer finnsish territory this spring..

You see..when the guys in Methane and Eyes Wide Open have laid their "weapons" (instruments) to rest in their "coffinshaped" suitable cases, after the final ritual battle onstage in Sweden for about  a couple of months (April 14)

They (Methane) will probably head east to neighbour-camp Finlandia in order to practise "Blood, sweat and beer" ritually live..
But please don´t let our swedish metalheroes taste all too much killer goodtasting liqueour.. we want them back on swedish soil pretty much safe, so they can continue creating killer great music in the future..

Eyes Wide Open is truly a brigade to keep ears wide open to hear! The horde have several live-videos on youtube.. such as the killer great video "New World Order"
Hallatar's first gig ever outside Finland, featuring Heike from Draconian is due to take place on Friday the 27th of April. at Stockholm Slaughter - The Second Coming.
Så nog kan med all säkerhet säga att Finlands sak är vår.. speciellt med tanke  det fortfarande finns  bröder och systrar som mer eller mindre fraktas till andra sidan Östersjön för att med strängförsedda s.k. vapen skådas "piska skinn" på nån gudsförgäten arena för att göra demoniskt ljuvlig röst hörd till massvisa åskådare.... So attend the liverituals! and bang your heads for satan!
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