EUROPE- keep EYES WIDE OPEN för METHANE spring 2018

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This entry will mainly be written in english, but when I simply can´t find the correct word(s) one will probably find some words or so - på ren svenska, så ha överseende!
First time I witnessed Eyes Wide Open liveritual was in former homecounty - at some place called "Glada Ankan" in central Karlstad as I will recall it, about 5 years ago.
Feel free to check out some more images here:
It´s no damn special secret that I am fond of the metal created and performed by Methane!
Thus I have known the guys in the band for quite a while now I probably never will get tired listen to their cd/vinyl/video-creations- ever! Eventhough I´ve seen their liverituals more than once past months..
And I know for sure that both Methane 
aswell as EYES WIDE OPEN really are looking forward to meet their fans somewhere in the deep dark european soil this spring..
So keep your Eyes Wide Open for Methane rituals somewhere near you at european continent soon!
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