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Då både amerikabaserade VQM och Dark Star Records har åtminstone en gemensam nämnare som stavas Methane, är det kanske lämpligt nämna dem båda i ett och samma entry..på svengelska..
The fact that Methane involves the two americanborned brothers Tim Scott and Dylan Campbell, sure as hell ain´t no secret to those familiar with the band by now..
Ever since I at first got the awearness of this awesome band (Methane), it was a  extremely blessing to watch their liveritual at Metal Inferno, in Northern SwedenSoil...
And once again, before the guys in the extraordinary band, Methane, heading for a few days tour in february, I got the lucky opportunity to witness their liveritual once again.. lucky me!
One can only hope the guys come back safely to Sweden.. and that Dylan keep his shoes on his feet.. 
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