(pre)Easter Helfvetes Massacre..

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This entry will be written in swenglish..
For about three years ago I was involved in the arrange of  a venue titled Easter Massacre, ( ) in Ostersund, along with the other crew in Club Noktem..which still exist even if we don´t have been too active lately for several reasons..
This year the (pre)easter massacre took place at Lilla Helfvetet in Mora, all managed by Killahead and crew..
The journey began mid-day with one of my "partners in crime" in a town several swedish miles from the venue..
Väl framme på Lilla helfvete sammanstrålade vi så småningom med Headact - Methane before all hell went lose.. figure speaking..
However..the pre- easter massacre anno 2018 ended up extremely well after all with acts such great acts as Intact and Methane:
Frankly.. to chose witch one of theese acts was the be(a)st is like välja mellan pest & kolera, så båda akterna får varsin femma för respektive liveritual.. dvs highscore from hell..
However Killahead got 666 p. for making this "nightmare before Easter come true"
check the bands out if you haven´t already!
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